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My Denim Presses

My Denim Presses

This piece is 3' x 3' and created from found fabric scraps, plaster, denim, crystals, faux fur, and acrylic on canvas,

My inspiration came from a place of grief and exploring my inner emotions. It almost represented an "invisible burden" that reflected afterthoughts of my perception. Most of my art coincides with my inner journey. This piece allowed me to explore my relationship with self love.

DSC03897 copy.JPG

They're Worthy


They're Worthy is a two piece installation created with wood, fabric, bandana, hair accessories, chain, and styrofoam.



This piece was a response to racial violence occurring in 2020.  When black people die, it is mass shared on the internet with out trigger warnings which Is desensitizing and perpetuates our trauma. I hoped to change the narrative of black people being viewed as trauma bodies. I was inspired by saint like figures, specifically the Lady of Guadalupe to showcase our "heavenly aura." It was important for me to represents our essence yet communicate the glorification of our death. The durag is a staple within my culture but also can be used as a tool to be racially profiled. I wanted to pay homage to it and its significance in our representation.

DSC03899 copy.JPG




HUB! .jpeg

This piece is 18" x 24"and made with polyester fabrics, acrylic, pastels, on linen.

Vincent was inspired by someone who left my life as a child. Due to the trauma I couldn't remember their name, even though they were supposed to be a significant person in my life. 


vincent front view.jpeg




A community art project


HUB: is 50" x 70" community art project made from clothing, netting, shoe laces, paint, on linen.

This project was inspired by a Japanese style of painting where you use anything but a paint brush to paint. I tied this concept to this community art project that was created at a Juneteenth celebration. I was inspired by basketball because basketball courts in low income/ predominately black areas are a hub for communal gathering, and healing. So participants used shoe laces, nets, basketballs, shoes, and other sports related equipment to create this painting.

queens of escapism.jpg



This piece is 2' x 4' and is made with gouache and acrylic on canvas.


Rebirth of a Womanhood  was an exploration of my early practice.  It originally was supposed to resemble a tree branch with a noose hanging from it, but after sitting with it for months it turned out to be a figure of a pregnant woman which birthed the title. After I created this piece, a person close in my life lost a baby. I think that event happening to me revealed the meaning of the piece. Losing a child is something I can't even imagine. Witnessing the person remain resilient, and step into a place of healing,  aligned with the inspiration  of this painting. 

This piece is made from acrylic, and gouache on cardboard.

Queens of Escapism is a learning moment in my art practice, an freestyle expression. I think everyone deals with the feelings of escapism, whether a relationship, a home. I think this piece was apart of growing into my identity, accepting my traumas, trying to find an outlet to discover more of myself.


Queens of Escapism





This piece is  2’ x 3’  and made with paper, acrylic, paint market, and cardboard on canvas.



Visual time stamp is about mixed emotions that my life experience brings forth. Like most of my art, is was an outlet for my trauma, and has a dimensional effect in structure as well as emotion. It represents the nuances of the Huma. experience and our emotional stages.

untiled side view.jpeg

This piece is made from tinsel, Christmas tree decorations, and jingle bells. 

This was an exploration moment of my practice to move away from the canvas, into installation, textile pieces.



untitled side view.jpeg
who r u? front.jpeg
who r u? back.jpeg
who r u side .jpeg
who r u? back.jpeg




WHO R U? is a community art project made from a shipping crate, acrylic, and paint markers. 

This piece was in collaboration with a community event Neighborfest in Omaha. The prompt was to say something you appreciate about yourself, and your neighborhood or what you want to tell the people in your neighborhood. Where you live, and your perception of that place, is a reflection of who you are. If we make space to be intentional, maybe it can spark change in our area, and within ourselves. 

This piece is 12" x 8" and is made with gouache, and acrylic on canvas

Untitled 63 was also a learning moment, just trying to discover new inspirations and ways to create by adding more dimension. I drew a lot of inspiration from Meso-American architecture. 

untitled 63 front view.jpeg

untitled 63




W3@VIN! is made from wood, faux braiding hair, hair jewels, and twine. 

W3@V!N! was a community art project where participants helped braid and decorate braiding hair. I was inspired by macrame pieces that typically hang in peoples home. The prompt for this project was to explore the curiosity of black hair without violating personal spaces, The project came with a set of rules to follow, and people braided and decorated the hair, which I designed into the final piece.

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 12.15.46



This piece is 12" x 24" and is made with paint markers, gouache, recycled fabric, acrylic on canvas


This was one of the first pieces I ever made when starting my art practice.. It was very imaginative and allowed me to tap into my childlike joy. It inspires me to this day to express that part in my creativity.

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