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Sunday Soul

What is Sunday Soul?

Sunday Soul is a five part performances series hosted at Holy Family Community Center in Omaha Nebraska. Sunday Soul will occur on 5 Sundays beginning in Fall 2022 and is focused on centering women artists while providing events free to the community.


The Purpose of Sunday Soul is to provide more opportunities for communal gatherings of joy here in Omaha. In my art, joy is at the center of any community events I create. Providing people and families the opportunity to experience music, dance, poetry, and food, all for free is a blessing and a gift to let people have space to heal. Centering women artists is an important aspect of this programming. I have felt like for a long time that events programming in Omaha are either male dominated or institution dominated. It has been hard to navigate these spaces and feel supported as a Black woman. So I decided to make this space for openness, affirmation, and safety for women to express themselves.

Performance by Tana Delgado



I envision Sunday Soul to be creative and exceptional experiences. Holy Family is such an enticing and unique space. When navigating this project I thought about, how could I amplify the participating artists' performance? During this series, elements like stage design and unusual musical support will be added to create a one time experience. All food will be sourced and catered by local food entrepreneurs. 



I am raising funds to make Sunday Soul, the dream, a real life moment for the community.

Please consider making a contribution to this free community programming or sharing with your social circles. To make a contribution, please follow this link. 

To find out about Holy Family,  click here.

To view an example budget for this project, click here.

To view the inspiration board (updated regularly) for Sunday soul, click here.

For any questions, concerns or other ways to make this project happen, please contact me at

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