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What is Sunday Soul?

Sunday Soul is a five part performance series, centering women artists while connecting communities through culturally exceptional experiences.

Sunday Soul will occur on 5 Sunday evenings, starting Fall 2022, and ending September of 2023. Sunday Soul uplifts women artists while honoring "fem change makers" Sunday Soul will feature women artists, working in many disciplines.


This series will feature spoken word, music, dance, and food, all free to the public and family-friendly. Each part of the series will center one type of performance, with storytelling and honoring of a fem change maker.  Sunday Soul will take place at a former church space that is now Holy Family Community Center. 



Sunday Soul is inspired by Mother Catherine Seals and my personal exploration of reclaimed church spaces. Mother Catherine Seals was a Black spiritual leader in New Orleans who opened up a church after a life of abuse and being denied spiritual help by a White priest. The Temple of Innocent Blood was a space for Southerners siloed from society including Black people, White people, migrants, children, and queer folks. It was a space for everyone, which I strive for with Sunday Soul.


My personal connection with reclaimed church spaces is exploring the sanctum that exists, and diving into ancestral ways in such a nuanced setting. Some of these spaces wouldn't have welcomed my ancestors. While exploring this reclamation, I chose to center women artists, mostly black and brown women artists due to the majority of religious spaces and their misperceptions of women.. I also relate to Mother Catherine Seals experiences of abuse at the hands of men, and the need for spaces of healing. That led me to envisioning this opportunity to provide a space for women to show their work in a safe, encouraging setting. 


Purpose + Intention

My hope for this project is to support women artists, create experiences for cultural impact in Omaha, and explore deeper into my practice of reclamation in Church spaces. I think In some ways I want to redefine what going to "church" means. I have a nuanced relationship with religion and its practices. Somehow I am exploring the idea of sanctuary in a non traditional way. Church to me is sometimes a great conversation with a friend, hearing a song live, thinking about my ancestors, or being in the mountains.


I always think about what ways can I support artists and give them platforms to share their work in meaningful, equitable ways. Nebraska needs more paid artist opportunities, so creating artist-led events that center artists' career growth is necessary!


Another important aspect of this event is bringing light and honoring a "fem change maker" I define this as women who have impacted community and my personal story. 

I hope to see you at Sunday Soul! Click HERE to see upcoming events.

To learn more about our past fundraising event, Her Embrace: click here

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