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Resonate Short

Resonate Short

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A movement performance created by Alajia McKizia for The Union for contempoary art's 2020 Inside/out fellowship final project. resonate is a performance honoring the lived & transitioned experiences of black women in Omaha Nebraska. 

resonate was created at reformed.  AN ASSEMBLY SPACE, FILMED BY ALLEGRA HANGEN, AND CO-CHOREOGRAPHED By Kat Fackler.  

A word from Alajia:

resonate; TO reVERBERATE, TO BE DEEPLY AMPLIFIED. Although resonate is the first of its kind, it is something that has lived  in my mind for a while. it is a part of me, it is my personal and communal grief gathered from fragments of news stories, micro aggressions, triggers, joyful moments, trauma, etc. resonate is my way of expressing my lived identity as a black woman, as well as the way I have witnessed our neglect in my own community. it is my way of honoring black women who have been murdered without anyone saying their name.. it is my way to "fight", my way of "awareness." it is my way of expressing the mania, joy, the deep, deep, deep heartache that all deprives from the pot of grief. It is  releasing yet refreshing all those feelings over again. this performance is dedicated to camisha hollis, Vivian strong, and ebony king. this is dedicated to every black women in the world. I hope this can be a space for your grief. I see you, your identity, your roots, your indigenous connection, your divine intuition, your love.

thank you,


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